And so it begins…

I never thought I would see myself leaving Facebook. For years I loved that social media platform and was very active. Unfortunately things changed. It has become more and more a negative and depressing place, not to mention that I absolutely do not agree with censorship, and the constant fact-checking was getting on my nerves. It’s like we are now in the book 1984 by George Orwell and the thought police is always right behind us. Facebook wasn’t like that in the beginning. I really enjoyed the interactions with old and new friends. But the way non-Democrats were targeted these past few years and especially this year, is just not okay. I don’t mind when people have different ideas and opinions, but when the call for tolerance is only one sided, and the other side can say and do whatever he/she wants, I am done.

I am excited to start a new adventure and chapter though. I already joined two other social media platforms and I have been very active on Instagram for several months now. (Instagram is another “I never thought I would see myself” thing.) I am planning on using this blog, to share funny and uplifting memes and pictures just like I have done all those years on Facebook. I am already doing that on Instagram, but I know not everyone is on there and so I am hoping that by giving people the option to subscribe to my blog, they can still keep in touch and enjoy my posts, humor and continue to follow my author journey. I am so excited for my new book release. The Christmas novella “Joining Hearts For Christmas” will be out soon.

Have a wonderful and happy rest of your Sunday and welcome to my blog!!! Here are a few humorous memes…

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