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“A trip to the past”

Ahhh, the joy of enjoying a historical romance novel. The adventures of Lady Charlotte transported me back to a time where all I needed to feel better was to plunge myself into a Barbara Cartland book. The great lady might be gone but we sure did find an excellent new candidate for her title.
Long live our new queen of historical romance , Rebecca Lange.

(also available in German)

Joining Hearts For Christmas

“I give you until the end of this month to find love and accept a proposal. If you can’t find what you are looking for, I will announce your engagement to Lord Kenworthy.”

“You can’t be serious, Father! A month? How am I supposed to find love in a month? It is December already.”

Lady Charlotte Woodridge always had a mind of her own. Being the daughter of a duke comes with obligations and expectations, something she disapproves of wholeheartedly. She strongly detests how society works and that she is supposed to treat people differently because of their rank and standing. When a man over twenty years her senior asks for her hand in marriage and her father agrees to it, she fights back with all the stubbornness she can summon. She wants to marry for love, not because she is told to marry. When her father agrees to a compromise, it leaves her upset. Lady Charlotte has one month to find her true love and receive and accept a proposal. Was that even possible?

Kindle Edition

also available as paperback…

Heavenly Bodyguards – Trainee in Action

Volume One

Plane Crash – A Journey to the Heart

Heavenly Bodyguards – 3 Book series as paperback

Heavenly Bodyguards – Against All Evil

Volume Two

Not Without A Fight

Heavenly Bodyguards – Hurtful Conspiracy

Volume Three

Joining Hearts For Christmas


Rebecca Lange, Author
Stuttgart, Germany


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