“A Terrific Time Traveling Book!”

Plane Crash – A Journey to the Heart by Rebecca Lange was a fascinating read. I give the book 5 stars for creativity, for editing, for formatting,and for great story telling! This was truly a wonderful story from beginning to ending! I was sent the story to review as an exchange for reviewing one of my stories. I was thrilled! It was like receiving agift. I hope I will write as well one day.

Not Without A Fight

“Let me be very clear with you today,” he whispered into her ear while she felt his warm breath on her neck, which made her shiver with disgust. “I always get what I want. You can either choose the easy way or the hard way, but you will be mine in the end.”

“I will never be yours; trust me. Now let go of me.” She angrily tried to get out of his hold, but he only pressed himself closer to her. Now she started to panic. She just wasn’t physically strong enough to fight him off alone. How she hated him. How she hated men who only saw women as a pleasurable toy.

Hazel Buchannon’s whole world collapses when Robert Michell, her fatherly friend, mentor, and reverend, suddenly gets transferred, and a younger clergyman takes his place in Willamette Falls. Things change drastically in their town, and Hazel, who always felt safe and protected on her father’s ranch and their town, is now subject to threats, attacks, and several attempts of kidnapping. To the men in her life, one thing is clear; someone is trying hard to get to her mentally and break her happy spirit. The tormenting seems to be working because fear is now her constant companion. As Hazel takes on the law to fight for women’s rights so she can legally inherit her father’s ranch, a new evil epidemic is spreading across the country. Abusive Husbands and fathers sell their wives and daughters, and women and children as young as fourteen disappear from their towns and homes. Men everywhere do what they can to protect their loved ones, but the sinister outbreak continues to spread. When Hazel finds herself yet again in an attempted kidnapping situation and ends up being choked to nearly unconsciousness, she realizes how serious this threat is and that she is one of the many targets.

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Heavenly Bodyguards – Trainee in Action

Volume One

Heavenly Bodyguards – Against All Evil

Volume Two

Heavenly Bodyguards – Hurtful Conspiracy

Volume Three

Plane Crash –

A Journey to the Heart

Not Without A Fight

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Rebecca Lange, Author
Stuttgart, Germany