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Don’t forget life is awesome, despite struggles and trials and love and gratefulness can get us through anything, especially the love from our loving Heavenly Father!

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Coming Soon!!!

Book Cover Reveal

“A trip to the past”

Ahhh, the joy of enjoying a historical romance novel. The adventures of Lady Charlotte transported me back to a time where all I needed to feel better was to plunge myself into a Barbara Cartland book. The great lady might be gone but we sure did find an excellent new candidate for her title.
Long live our new queen of historical romance , Rebecca Lange.

(also available in German)

Grandfather’s Will

 “It is time, Father, that you stop the games and finally tell us what your decision is regarding your will and who gets what. I mean, let’s cut the polite garbage, we know you aren’t happy to see us here, and we are only here for one reason.” 

After billionaire Henry Woodruff loses several family members in a horrible accident, his grandchildren Rebecca, Noah, and Amber McNeil are now the official heirs. Although they never desired to be put into his will, Henry has every reason to believe that the tragic plane crash was not just an unfortunate accident but a planned murder. Feeling that his children were somehow involved, he has to develop a plan before his grandchildren get murdered. When Rebecca nearly dies after a vicious attack, Henry hires two Mounties to keep an eye on her and her siblings. As if the everyday fight against someone wanting to murder her isn’t enough, Rebecca battles her past demons. Not wanting to get hurt again, she fights the growing feelings towards one of her protectors and puts up a wall to guard her heart. Will she be able to let go of the past and find her happily ever after?

Kindle Edition

also available as paperback…

Heavenly Bodyguards – Trainee in Action

Volume One

Plane Crash – A Journey to the Heart

Heavenly Bodyguards – 3 Book series as paperback

Heavenly Bodyguards – Against All Evil

Volume Two

Not Without A Fight

Heavenly Bodyguards – Hurtful Conspiracy

Volume Three

Joining Hearts For Christmas


Rebecca Lange, Author
Stuttgart, Germany


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